Male contraception can be an issue at several ages. The "male pill" has been continously investigated but so far there is no approved medication available. Besides the use of condoms, surgical separation of the vas deferens is a safe, minimal invasive and highly effective procedure for male contraception.

In an office based procedure under local anesthesia, the vas deferens (i.e. the canal between the testis and the prostate) are permanently separated on both sides. I perform the so called „non scalpel“ vasectomy; after an appointment has been done for giving you the information needed and to hand out an informed consent to read at home, an appointment is scheduled for the vasectomy. Postoperatively, at least 2 negative sperm tests have to be performed 10-14weeks postoperatively. If these investigations do not show any motile sperm further use of contraceptives is not necessary.

No negative effect on potency, libido or sexuality has been reported; the risk of prostate cancer in men after vasectomy was recently discussed with no clear association seen. You will not experience any change in the ejaculate neither of the amount of the ejaculate nor the colour. There are only no sperm in there anymore.

According to the Austrian law (StGB § 90, Abs. 2), vasectomy is not allowed in men before the age of 26 years irrespective if a pregnancy has been inititated prior or not.

You are interested in a safe, minimal invasive permanent male contraception?