Semen analysis


The most important test to determine infertility in men is the semen analysis. The ejaculate mainly comes from the prostate, which then mixes with sperm from the testicles.  There are various factors to be taken into consideration when analysing the ejaculate: volume, ph, viscosity and time it takes for the consistency of the ejaculate to liquefy again, sperm count and motility of the sperm. In 2010 the World Health Organisation (WHO) provided a revised definition of a normal sperm count, as shown in the table below. On the basis of this new information, it is important to indicate strict analysis classification when compiling the sperm report. The main problem in interpreting sperm analyses is the variability in ejaculate. It is therefore necessary for at least two sperm analyses to be fundamentally carried out before male fertility is determined. The sample is usually collected after masturbation and should be carried out after between approx. 2 and 7 days sexual abstinence.