Childwish after vasectomy

Life circumstances may change! Ongoing childwish after separation of the vas deferens can occur. Even after vasectomy the wish for a genetically own child can be satisfied.  Although ejaculation is not altered after vasectomy, the ejaculate is does not contain sperm anymore. After separation oft he vas deferens sperm are still continuously generated in the testis. Therefore, microsurgical reconstruction of the vas deferens or surgical retrieval of sperm cells from the testis or epididymis can be performed.

Depending on your medical history, physical examination, the time since vasectomy and most important the age and history of your partner, microsurgical reconstruction of the vas deferens (so called vasovasostomy or tubulovasostomy) will be recommended. In contrast to vasectomy that is mostly perforemd under local anesthesia, microsurgical reconstruction is done under general anesthesia as a day clinic procedure.

Alternatively surgical retrieval of sperm can be offered (so called TEsticular Sperm Extraction [TESE]) in combination with a in vitro fertilization.


Ultrasound image
Baby with father

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