Aging Bladder

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Bladder function is of significant impact through our lifetime – parents are pleased to view normal function in early childhood; by the age of approx. 5years children will be socially „dry“ in the majority of cases with no further incontinence episodes.

With the aging process, normal, stable urinary bladder function is of utmost importance (filling and voiding phase) – any form of unwanted loss of urine (incontinence) irrespective of gender is considered as extremly bothersome and embarrasing.

Loss of urine during giggling or coughing (stress-incontinence) is frequently after birth and can be treated by pelvic floor excercise. During the aging process, the bladder muscle becomes increasingly instable causing unwanted loss of urine (urge incontinence) – reported both in males and females. This is related to several mechanism leading to an alteration of the filling and the voiding phase of the urinary bladder. Theses changes can be treated by different therapeutic approaches and should be investigated in order not to oversee alterations within the bladder.

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