About me

Eugen Plas, MD born 1966 in Vienna. After graduation from Medical School at the University of Vienna in 1990 I worked in Germany, USA and Switzerland where I started my urologic residency at the Dept. of Urology at the University of Zurich in 1992. In 1993, I returned to Vienna and started my residency at the Dept of Urology, KH Hietzing mit Neurologischem Zentrum Rosenhügel Vienna in 1994. I finished my specialisation in 1998. During that time I had the opportunity to work in different departments including gynecology and obstetrics, oncology, general surgery, transplantation and plastic surgery. On behalf of an invitation to work as full faculty urologist at the Dept.of Urology, University of Mainz, Germany, one of the most famous urologic departments world wide, I moved to Germany with my family for one year. In 2001 we returned to Vienna since then I have been working as a full faculty urologist at the Dept. of Urology, KH Hietzing mit Neurologischem Zentrum Rosenhügel Vienna until 2009. In August 2009 I became chairman at the Dept. of Urology, Hanusch Hospital Vienna, one out 6 major, community hospitals in Vienna. Besides working in a community hospital, I opened my private practice in November 2001.

My major interest in urology has always been uro-oncology and andrology. Theferfore I obtained a large experience in all fields of operative urology. Since 2001 I have been in charge of the andrology section, including impotence and family planning and a special outpatient clinic dealing with changes of the aging male.

Besides my clinical practice, I have published more than 60 peer reviewed publications, 2 books, several book chapters and given more than 100 presentations at national and international meetings. I am member of several urologic and surgical societies including corresponding member of the American Urological Association. In 2002, I have been invited as a member of the working group on urological trauma for the European Association of Urology Health Care which I finished 2011.

Obviously besides urology, my hobbies are my family, tennis, squash and skiing. Most important to me are the happiness and well-being of my family and the daily confidence of my patients in my work.

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